Hamlet Council

The Municipality of Pond Inlet is an incorporated municipal hamlet under the Government of Nunavut Hamlets Act and its mandate is to administer and provide municipal socio-economic programs and services and development within the municipality. The Hamlet looks after community development infrastructure, public and corporate services, as well as administering all payables and receivables for the municipality including funding from the Territorial and Federal governments. The Hamlet is a type of city Council with locally elected Councillors and a community Mayor. The Hamlet is managed by a Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), who oversees the various local departments such as: water and sewage and garbage delivery services, heavy equipment and garage maintenance, road maintenance, community economic development, community recreation, By-Law enforcement, emergency services, municipal building permits, and various other community services.

Pond Inlet’s mission is to preserve the cultural traditions and values of Nunavummiut, promote Inuit Societal Values through the application of Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (Inuit Traditional Knowledge), build support mechanisms to allow for sustainable exploitation of the traditional economy, and work to improve the health and well-being of the Inuit of Pond Inlet.

Hamlet Council Members

  • Joshua Arreak – Mayor
  • Joshua Idlout - Deputy Mayor
  • Moses Koonark - Council
  • Danny Maktar - Council
  • Elisirie Peterloosie - Council
  • Guy Nutarariaq - Council
  • Sharon Ootook - Council
  • Curtis Apak - Council